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Music files

In this section you can download Sailor Moon albums from different seasons in high quality. The albums will be offered in MP3 or FLAC format. Scans will be included if available. This section will be updated regularly as soon as new files are added. NO MASS LEECHING! Download only one file at a time! Just click on a link to download a file. In some cases, RIGHT-CLICK on a link and choose “Save as…” to download the file. If the file is corrupted, try to redownload it. If that doesn’t help, contact us, please.

In order to verify the files, use the MD5 file and install HashCheck Shell Extension, which can be found under this link. Place the files and the MD5 file in the same directory and double-click on the MD5 file.

CONTACT US if you want to use those files on your website, &c. No stealing, no re-encoding the files and no re-editing the tags to claim the files as ripped by you. We have found our music files and scans on certain websites. Please at least credit us.


Here are several recommended audio players that you can download:

Last Update [November 1, 2023]: Added some albums from Sailor Moon Cosmos!

Download managers are not recommended. They are not case-sensitive and fail to download some files.